Information for International Dog Shows participants

The exhibitors are responsible for the welfare of the dogs at FCI international dog shows. It is forbidden to expose a dog to a situation that can be dangerous for its health and welfare, such as for example leaving it in the car in excessively hot or cold weather and/or treating it in a cruel manner. Violation of this ruling will result in exclusion from the ongoing and future dog shows.

The entrant/exhibitor declares that any dog entered has been adequately vaccinated (standard vaccinations, the validation of the vaccination in accordance with the vaccine’s producer advice) of which proof can be shown.

Dogs coming from abroad are required to have been vaccinated against rabies and distemper which must be recorded in a European pet passport. It is recommended to have the valid vaccination against other infectious diseases. If the dog is vaccinated for the first time or if the term of revaccination has passed, it must be more than 21 day period since the new vaccination so the dog could participate in the show.

Only dogs that are older than 4 months can enter the showplace. All the dogs must be identified with microchip or clearly visible tattoo. Under the order No. B1-2 as of 2 January 2013 of the State Food and Veterinary Service of Lithuania, participation in dog shows is prohibited for cropped and/or docked dogs born in the Republic of Lithuania later than 1 January 2013.

This prohibition does not apply to the dogs coming from the countries where cropping/docking is still permitted or it was so at the time when the dog was born, and the owner can prove the fact by relevant documents. In case of breach of the rule, the participant will be eliminated from the show and the entry fee will not be refunded.

It is forbidden to treat the coat, skin or nose with anything that alters the structure, colour or form. Only trimming, clipping, combing and brushing are allowed. It is also forbidden to leave the dog tied up on the trimming table, longer than necessary for the preparation. 

It is forbidden to sell puppies in a territory of the show.