International dog shows in Vilnius – 21-23 December!

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Baltic Winner 2010

October 30-31, 2010 in Ryga’s Olympic Complex Skonto Afghan Hound POLO’S TOP GEAR became Best In Show winner of the largest show in the Baltics region „Baltic Winner 2010“. First runner-up-another Russian dog, Giant Schnauzer GLORIS DDT…

Show overall entry was 2563 dogs of 253 breeds. Baltic Winner show is the product of collaboration and close friendship between three kennel clubs – Eesti Kennelliit (Estonia), Latvijas Kinologiska Federacija (Latvia) and Lietuvos kinologų draugija (Lithuania). 

Each country takes turns in hosting this annual show which brings numerous participants from all over Baltics, Scandinavia and neighbouring Russia.

Oficially recognized by FCI title BALTIC WINNER is awarded to the best dog and best bitch from adult classes and JBALT W and VBALT W titles are awarded to the winners of junior and veteran classes of both sexes.

At the same time Skonto hosted International cat show (WCF), show for birds, pet rodents and ferrets. Among other attractions – pet fashion and trade shows.

All of this brings thousands of visitors who were delighted to see girls marching band and saxophone players who openend and rounded up the grand finale of the Baltic Winner show in Latvia this year. At the end of the second day the official flag of this show was passed to the President of the Lithuanian Kennel Club, Ramunė Kazlauskaitė, who invited all dog show fans to come to the „Baltic Winner 2011“ in Lithuanian spa-town Druskininkai.

Latvian Kennel Club and all owners of the gentle giants, St. Bernards, wished happy birthday to the first President of the Latvian St. Bernard Club, Liliana Baumane, who recently celebrated her 80th Birthday. 

How did the Lithuanian team do at the Baltic Winner this year? 

No doubt, the highest achievement belongs to the Junior handlers – Diana Jurkuvėniene’s students who won first prizes in all age groups!

8-year old Toy Poodle SLAVJANKA IZ VOLZHSKOY SERENADY (own. J. Dijakovskaja) won Veteran BIS on Sunday out of the impressive number of competitors.

Pekingese YA SUPERSTAR DIANTES SANCHES (own. J. Mikulskienė) not only became Best of breed representative, but also was third in the Grupe 9 competition.

Laura Barytė’s Siberian Husky SNOWMIST’S QUICKSILVER SPEIGAS – BALT W’2010 and Best of breed and her Siberian Husky bitch SNOWMIST’S RICH IMAGE – JBALT W’2010, Best bitch.  Another Siberian Husky bitch CHISPA DE MALLORCA OF ARKTIKA (own. E.Šutienė, L.Barytė) – BALT W’2010.

Pointer VĖJA (own. S.Kanapickienė) – BALT W’2010, Best of breed.

Bracco Italiano POLLCEVERA’S GIOIA (own. E.Jankauskienė) – BALT W’2010, best bitch.

Great Danes (brindle and fawn) ABAMA NUO GRAŽUČIŲ (own. E.Balsiukas) – Best of Breed,  AKSENIJA NUO GRAŽUČIŲ – BALT W’2010.

Bullmastiff HOUDINI THE GREAT IS DVARIŠKIŲ (owners G.Chmelevskaja and K.Piorkowska) – JBALT W’2010. 

Shih-tzu XERALANE’S ANGEL FACE (own. E. PalaimaitĖ) – JBALT W’2010. 

Toy Poodle YAMIT MUSKAT BALLADE QUEEN (own. J. Dijakovskaja) – JBALT W’2010.

Sheltie AISA (own. M.Čekytė) – Best bitch 2, res.CACIB).

Pug DOMINO NAMINUKAS (own. M. Kižytė – LV CAC.

West Highland White Terrier VIKING OF MY DESTINY ROKOKO (own. L. Tilindienė) – BALT W’2010.

Dachshund standard shortcoated VOQUE KLANADY LOWCZYNI (own. S. Jasevičiūtė) – 2nd in Junior class.

Show group winners:

I gr. – Bouvier des Flandres ANISS SUNFORCEE OF LIFE (own. M.Klementjeva, Latvia)
II gr. – Giant Schnauzer GLORIS DDT (own. O.Seliverstova, Russia).
III gr. – Scottish Terrier MARLAND TRESOR (own. V.Maranik, Estonia).
IV gr. – Dachshund standard shortcoated VESELAYA TAKSA NIKA (own. V.Nasyrova, Russia).
V gr. – Miniature Spitz KU-ELEN SACRED SILK (own. L.Kostjuka, Latvia).
VI gr. – Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen BOLERO V.TUM-TUMS VRIENDJES (own. M.Aaltovirta, Finland).
VII gr. – English Setter ARTIZOE HIGH CALIBER (own. M.Stahlberg and M.Ylitalo, Finland).
VIII gr. – American cocker-spaniel STARLAITS MEDZHIK DORADA FLY (own. A.Khrustaleva, Russia).
IX gr. – Pug BASIL LEVI TINKERTOY (own. N.Fomiceva, Latvia).
X gr. – Afghan Hound POLO’S TOP GEAR (own. Belyaevskaja and I.Osipova, Russia).

By Svetlana Valujeva