International dog shows in Vilnius – 21-23 December!

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Elektroninė šunų duomenų bazė

100 Anniversary of the FCI

This weekend (12-13 november) the FCI invited fans of the dog sport and winners from their keynote shows in 2011 to a very special birthday party.

No cake or candles, but plenty of opportunity for the enthusiasts to indulge in what they like the best – spending a day or two at a dog show in a good company…

As a matter of fact the whole of 2011 was dedicated to celebrating the100th anniversary of this great organization that now unites national dog breeding organizations of 89 countries and on November 11-12 the celebrations culminated in Brussels.

The FCI Cynological Days consisted of several events: A Canine Symposium for member club delegates on November 11 and Centenary World Champion of Champions Show and Gala Dinner on November 12th.

Over 120 delegates attended the Symposium and listened as enthusiastic speakers addressed various issues and topics: history of the canine species, health, working dogs in the modern society and future of the dog show sport.

The Champion of Champions Show was organized under the patronage of the FCI by the Société Royale Saint Hubert, founding member of the FCI.
In 2011 the FCI offered its five founding members (Austria, Belgium, France, Germany and The Netherlands) the opportunity to organize a title dog show in the framework of its Centenary, and this show was the last of the series.

Nearly 900 dogs were reduced down to a top 64 and then we had 10 finalists with a final four as pictured on this page. The Gala dinner was a posh affair attended by guests who arrived from all over the world and brought gifts in a true fashion of the birthday celebration.

Congratulations to all the winners and to the FCI on reaching this milestone.urther coverage of the FCI Champion of Champions!
Words & photos by Svetlana Valoueva